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GTE Wireless signs 2-year sponsorship deal to provide wireless data services to StormStudy Project



Greg Heenan
GTE Wireless

John Van Pelt
The StormStudy Project

RALEIGH, NC (April 15,2000) -- Starting in May, 2000 the StormStudy Project gains full-time wireless data via CDPD. This technology will provide capabilities to upload weather data and webcam images from the truck to the StormStudy website 24/7 from anywhere in the GTE Wireless CDPD coverage area. With this wireless IP connection, near realtime Nexrad (next generation radar) images, satellite imagery, lightning data and other weather related web downloads plus e-mail will also be possible.

"I'm really excited about this agreement," says John Van Pelt, StormStudy Project Lead, " as we continue to expand the technological capabilities in the truck, we gain the ability to educate and warn the public about severe weather threats more quickly and efficiently. I'm also looking forward to helping the expansion of GTE Wireless visibility in the market and showing off this technology to everyone that can benefit from mobile data access.

CDPD (wireless IP) is available throughout most of GTE Wireless' Triangle, Triad and Wilmington coverage areas and allows a direct internet connection anytime the connected PC is powered on. Options include PC card units with and without power boosters and fixed full power units. In addition to data, these units can provide users with voice and vehicle tracking capabilities.

The StormStudy Project is a severe weather awareness effort created in the public interest. Based in Raleigh, StormStudy provides Central North Carolina residents with educational opportunities throughout the year and issues mobile weather warnings and tips during severe weather events.