Severe Weather Awareness & Disaster Preparedness should be a year-round thing!

Across America, Spring brings some of the most dangerous storms as does hurricane season from June through November... but disasters can happen ANY time.

NOAA's Severe Weather Awareness page details tornadoes, floods and lightning hazards. Other non-weather natural disasters, man-made disasters and terrorism are possible anytime too. The Department of Homeland Security has more info on preparedness information.

Click the links at the top of this page next to Severe Weather Safety QuickFacts for comprehensive information on all types of weather threats.

Follow the links for the basics and the more advanced severe weather that interests you. If you have already made a disaster supply kit for your family, KEEP IT HANDY; if you didn't
it's time to put together the kit and your family emergency plan!

NOAA Weather Radios

Severe thunderstorms, flash floods & tornado threats are all a part of Spring and Summer weather. If you don't have one yet, get a NOAA weather alert radio. This radio will alert you to any severe weather watches & warnings and it's a great everyday source for the latest conditions and forecasts, recreational weather and the info for the beaches and mountains, too! Get the details and get a radio here.

Learn About Lightning Safety.

Learn the facts about lightning that many think are wive's tales. It could save you or someone you love. Get the info you need here. In the United States, an average of 67 people are killed each year by lightning. That's more on average than the annual number of people killed by tornadoes or hurricanes. The only storm related threat that's more deadly every year is flooding.

Learn the 30-30 Rule and be safer this Summer!

FEMA's Ready America is another comprehensive source for disaster preparedness information. The FEMA site itself is a huge resource for disaster awareness, preparedness and recovery information. Remember, FEMA is NOT a first response organization! It's up to US to be prepared for disasters and look for government assistance AFTER the fact.

Ready Kids site is a great place to start for the little ones. They'll learn things there that will not only help with their fear of impending disasters, but will stay with them for the rest of their lives, helping THEM keep their own families safer in the future. Kids have a fantastic ability to help PARENTS too! They haven't been around long enough to think they know it all!

Turn around, don't drown!

The National Weather Service's initiative to prevent 'drowning while driving' is The Turn Around Don't Drown project. This is very important information. Visit this site for informtion that could save your life! Vehicular drowning is a major tropical weather and thunderstorm caused flash flood related killer.